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Top 10 Trance tracks.

Trance for us is an important genre, it's extremely diverse with BPMs ranging from the low 130's all the way upto 170+ BPM, traveling through various subgeneres such as, Downtempo/Ambient, Psy , Progressive, Acid, all the way through to Hard Trance.

Trance certainly isn't the most favoured of genres on the dance floors of the UK, but its definitely sneaking its way in, and when used at the right time, it can really create a unique atmosphere. The energy, mixed with the long, dreamy euphoric breakdowns, gives listeners time to reset and almost float in a moment of ecstasy.

Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy and UK can be seen as some of the most progressive countries for the genre, with labels such as Bonzai, MFS, EYE Q, Platypus, HOS Records, Le Petit Prince and Suck Me Plasma, paving the way for Trance in the early 90's and making it what it is today.

There is certainly a lot of really bad Trance out there, more than good, which is why it's amongst the unfavored. Like most things on roll in 90's, the genre started to fall off in the early 2000's.

There's some great labels out there bringing out some really interesting new wave trance bits. Labels such as Ute, Sun Lab, V.A.L.I.S Records, BunkerBauer, Planet Euphorique, Temple Cast, Outer Zone and also Magic Wire, with there most recent release from 'Bliss Inc'. These labels, although some more direct than others, are bringing aspects of Trance from the ashes and creating new and exciting hybrid sounds.

Below are 10 of our favourite Trance tracks ranging from early 1990's upto 2018, with tracks we think explore the genre quite well. Tracks are in no particular order.



Artist - Microwave Prince

Track - Eternal Light

Label - Le Petit Prince

Date - 1995

Country - Germany



Artist - Brainchild

Track - Sedona

Label - EYE Q Records

Date - 1994

Country - Germany



Artist - Tranceparents

Track - Child Five

Label - Heidi Of Switzerland

Date - 1993

Country - UK



Artist - Leftfield

Track - Song Of Life

Label - Hard Hands

Date - 1995

Country - UK



Artist - Funeral Future

Track - Heute Nicht

Label - Kulor

Date - 2018

Country - Denmark



Artist - Trance Uber Alles

Track - Ich Schalte (Opera Mix)

Label - Heidi Of Switzerland

Date - 1993

Country - UK



Artist - The Blackmaster

Track - Time Never Stops

Label - Axma

Date - 1998

Country - Belgium



Artist - Tranceformer

Track - Be My Lover

Label - Suck Me Plasma

Date - 1993

Country - Belgium



Artist - Quadran

Track - Free Your Mind

Label - Bonzai

Date - 1996

Country - Belgium



Artist - SPQR

Track - Hypnotic State

Label - M.G.C Records

Date - 1996

Country - Italy


We highly recommend watching the documentary ' MFS Berliner Trance Documentary' Its give a great insight into how the genre was born, how it progressed and explores how Trance reacts with people on the dance floor.


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