The first solo release on Corrupt Data comes from Brussels based multidimensional explorer, Hypna, with a 2 track digital release, Astro Queen & HTP (Wet Mix).

Astro Queen is one of those tracks you listen to at a 2AM on the subway, starting quiet it evolves into the perfect midnight roller with hazy chords and well placed percussion reminiscent of something that wouldn't be out of place in 95. Following is that moody bassline creeping underneath the carcass, ready to carry it all the way into the final journey to space.

Following is HTP (Wet Mix) continuing that midnight space journey but this time with a dark room floor ready attitude. While having a strong nod to the classic grime sound it still sounds completely refreshing and reinvented with a breakdown ready to elevate you out of the earths atmosphere and an ultra sci-fi vocal sample running through the whole track. 



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