Hardcore is an important genre for the dance music scene, it has helped shape the scene into what it is today. Hardcore has inspired producers worldwide and hints of it can be heard throughout many other genres. It is carefully engineered to keep the atmosphere loving, warm and intimate whilst keeping the energy levels high with its crushing breaks and 4x4 sections that are sure to make you loose control of your limbs. It’s the perfect balance of lust and aggression.

Not only did it have an impact on the music scene, It also had an impact on society. It brought people together, broke down boundaries and tensions between groups. It also created a surge in creative energy. The creative energy was coming from hardcore raves. From the music, the visuals, the flyers, the graphic branding behind the rave groups, they didn’t have to conform to any design rules. They were free to do what they wanted, this energy was being injected into everyday life.

It is vital that we keep this beautiful genre alive and strong so that It can keep on giving. The ‘Hardcore will never die’ compilation from Corrupt Data is a free download and features 12 tracks from 12 producers. The compilation focuses on both new and old wave hardcore, some links more subtle than others. Its great to see how the genre has evolved, adapted and been interpreted by others. Each track is totally different and represents hardcore in its own way.

The release is a celebration of the genre and hopes to fuel, ignite or re-ignite passion for hardcore.

You can stream the promo mix below.


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