Coco Bryce first graced the Corrupt Data platform with his track 'Summer Daze' released on the 'Hardcore Will Never Die compilation' back in 2018. Since then he's put out a wealth of top notch material, our recent favourite being his rework of 'Touch' by Skeleton Army those vocals are killer, haunting yet full of emotion. We caught up with him to go through his top 10 favourite piano focused tracks ahead of his Patterns set in Brighton. Tracks are in no particular order. 


1. Sterling Void – Don't Wanna Go

"Stone cold early house classic, sampled many a time."


2. New Era – New Era

"First heard this when Hughesee played it at one of his Distant Planet raves a while ago. Relatively
under the radar tune, perfect juxtaposition of rave pianos and dutty acid."


3. Joe Jackson – Steppin Out

"Guess this could qualify as “proto juke rave” basically."


4. Simeon Ten Holt – Canto Ostinato

"More like an epic journey than a “tune” really. Not a big fan of classical music in general, mostly
because usually it's a tad too wishy washy and not repetitive enough for my personal taste. But this
is about as repetitive as it gets, so at least solves the latter for me."


5. Erik Satie – Gymnopedies

"Bit obvious perhaps. But have loved this since my childhood days when my mum used to often play
it at home."


6. DJ Kev – Happy Trax Vol 2

"On to some raver business again then. Still not figured out if the piano loop in this is sampled or
not. Doesn't really matter to me either. Played this heaps in my sets the past year or so, and always
gets the crowd going crazy."


7. Search & Destroy – Iron Man

"Biochip C at his best."


8. Drake – From Time

"Drake dropping what are arguably his best and most sincere sounding verses, Jhené Aiko on vocals,
and Chilly Gonzales on the keys.. Plus a Baka Not Nice cameo to boot.. What more could I have
asked for?"


9. Little Dragon – Twice

"Someone should do a jungle remix of this. Bet it would go down a treat with some amens and a
good sub plonked on there."


10. ABRA – Human

"Abra for president."


Shouts to Coco Bryce for putting this  together. You can catch him playing at Patterns In Brighton on the 22nd of May, . Tickets available HERE 


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