Printed in full colour on thick, matt 170gsm paper. The 40 page zine features 11 artist from across the world. Editioned run of 50 copies.

The purpose of the zine is to present visual representation of the CORRUPT DATA aesthetic. It is important to unite and merge multiple art forms, covering all angles of creative outputs. The artwork reflects the music and the music reflects the artwork. Neither one taking the spotlight, both working together to deliver an experience. An experience I hope will inspire and connect like minded beings.

Artist List:

Corrupt Data


Remb Lucia

Parks Perdue

Darren Oorloff

John Karborn


Lost Wisdom

Chris Benfield

Jesse Webb

Patrick Savile



In response to the Digital Stimulus zine, the Manchester based producer Acre has put together a very special mix. It comes in the form of a sound collage and works with the same processes that can be found in the zine. Cutting, layering and manipulating sounds to create a piece that explores textures, emotions and energies. Acre has collected samples from various different sources including the documentary ‘Rave New World’. The mix delivers a scatterbrained, chopped & edited ambience that channels the feelings of nostalgia & bliss experienced on a post-rave comedown.



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